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Mr. Vikram Ahuja

GMAT Score 720

How did you know about Kaplan?
A year ago, I took my first GMAT Test. I prepared by myself and everything was going quite well until I saw my score on the computer screen. It was low and I was embarrassed. Since then, I started to seek help. I asked my friends, my collegues, and my teachers. Almost everyone recommended Kaplan, saying that the school has a well-designed curriculum, good facilities, and great teacher. After exploring the school by myself, it was not hard to choose between Kaplan and other schools.

How did Kaplan's curriculum, facilities and materials help you to prepare for the test? 
What I found most helpful was Kaplan's curriculum and its practice books. They made me feel that the school did a lot of research and put great effort to come up with a book that suits students in every level. Smarter students can benefit from thousands of questions in the online preparation tests.

How did you plan yourself for the GMAT in terms of time management?
Keep the Kaplan's time management techniques in mind. That's all.

What techniques did you use to get a higher score?
I set a challenging target. If you are thinking of 600, make it 650. If you are thinking 700, make it 750. Be focused. Put as much effort in every lesson in class as in every question in the test. Also, don't forgot to manage your limited time. Every test-taker has the same amount of time. The better you use it, the higher score you will achieve.

Did Kaplan's strategies help you get a higher score?
Absolutely, Strategies are Kaplan's strongest point. I like the match classes. Every techniques the teacher taught was practically useful. Verbal classes are more focused, and the most beneficial lesson was the time management. Kaplan strategies allowed me to finish every part of the test on time!

Do you have any encouraging words to friends who are preparing for the test?
Just do it


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