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I've experimented in many different prep-schools and I can truly say that Kaplan was the best. Unlike other prep-schools, Kaplan comes with a complete set of SAT lesson books designed to encourage and stimulate your learning in order to "raise your score even more." Not only that, but Kaplan also provided all the facilities that I needed to improve my score, including a library of SAT practice books and additional vocabulary enrichment.

I took a private tutoring session, so I was able to learn at my own pace. The atmosphere was really engaging and relaxed, so I wasn't pressured to be perfect: when I made mistakes I wasn't stressed out, but instead I took it as another opportunity to learn something new and use it in the future. One of the things I really liked about Kaplan is their SAT practice tests because the scores I received were highly accurate. Accompanying the score was a detailed analysis of my test. This specifically told me which areas I was strong or weak at, allowing me to focus on and supplement those areas of weakness. Overall, I thought Kaplan was an excellent institution that totally and utterly succeeded in preparing me for my SATs.

10/2010 SAT Score

Critical Reading 660/800
Math 800/800
Writing 610/800
Total 2070/2400



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